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The province of Brescia is a large area of ​​almost 5,000 square kilometers. It borders to the north with that of Sondrio, to the south with that of Mantua, to the west with that of Bergamo and to the east with those of Trento and Verona.

In addition to being the largest in Lombardy, and the sixth in Italy, it is also considered one of the most beautiful provinces of our peninsula. This is due to the multitude of landscape types that includes. In fact, in the province of Brescia it is possible to find mountain areas, beautiful in the summer and important for winter ski tourism, but also different lake landscapes known for their natural beauties as well as for the countries full of nightlife that have sprung up around it. The province of Brescia, among the major economic sources, boasts its tourism, even if it is not a seaside resort. The merit of this goes to the great capacity for managing resources that, over the years, has implemented a policy of promotion and enhancement of the main tourist destinations.

Lake Garda: it is the largest Italian lake, in fact it extends up to three days lapse that is Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

Lake Iseo: also called Lake Sebino, is located in the west of the province of Brescia, in fact it merges with Bergamo. The dividing country is Sarnico, the first municipality on Lake Sebino, which is part of Bergamo.

Lago d’Idro: located on the border with Trentino, it is also called Eridio and is increased mainly by the waters of the river Chiese.

Lago Valvestino: it is an artificial lake created mainly for the purpose of producing electricity. It is located in the municipality of Gargnano but flows, for a small part, in that of Valvestino from which it takes its name.

Lake Moro: it is a small alpine lake, characterized by a cool, dry and very pleasant summer climate. It lies between the hills of the Sorline and Rodino, the lowest promontories of the Bergamasque Prealps.