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Valle Camonica

Valle Camonica is one of the most extensive valleys in the central Alps

The ancient history of the Camonica Valley begins with the end of the last glaciation, about 15,000 years ago, when the glacier, melting, created the valley. Capo di Ponte, a country with a mysterious and undisputed charm, is known worldwide for its high concentration of rock engravings, discovered in the early 1900s that allowed the same Valle Camonica, in 1979, to be recognized by UNESCO as Heritage World Heritage, first in Italy. The Camonica Valley hides treasures everywhere, even in the numerous population centers that make it up. Finds from the Roman, medieval and seventeenth century, make up routes dotted with ancient villages, parish churches, castles, works of art, while traces of ancient traditions show the spirit of the populations who lived there: local customs, farm economies, technologies of mills and knives, of metals, the ancient forges.